NCAA Women's Tournament History: 1982 thru Present

NCAA women's tournament history began in 1982 with a 32-team basketball bracket that saw Louisiana Tech defeat Cheyney State in the national championship game. The 32-team setup lasted until 1986 when the women's tourney field was expanded to 40 teams. Three years later the NCAA women's basketball tournament expanded further to include 48 teams. Finally in 1994 NCAA women's tournament history was made again as the 64-team field was born and became the standard right through the current season.

Prior to the NCAA running a women's basketball tournament, there had been 13 previous women's college basketball champions. The
Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women(AIAW) crowned 10 basketball national champions from 1973 until 1982. Before the AIAW came into existence, The Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics for Women(CIAW)
Women's College Basketball Rankings
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NCAA Women's Tournament History